Sometimes I find myself, like many others, falling into negative thoughts or perspectives that sometimes hinder what's really important in my life. Throughout the years, I have tried and failed new methods to prevent me from having these negative thoughts. Changing your own perspective can be HARD, trust me I know. Over time, I've dabbled into different methods to help me cope with anxiety, stress, negativity, and self doubt. So, I wanted to document those for myself and anyone who may need some suggestions on how to shake up your life! To remember it, I created the acronym: C.O.M.F.O.R.T.

1. Call someone you can confide in. Verbally talking things out helps to relieve tension on your mind and body and you could even get an insightful new perspective.

2. Observe what's making you feel anxious, uneasy, or down. Being able to detect the problem is the first and most important part of being able to fight the feelings of anxiety and stress. The remaining steps could potentially help soothe feelings of stress. I hope :)

3. Make a FIRE playlist. I listen to music every. single. day. It makes me feel confident and on top of the world when I listen to my favorite songs when I'm feeling unsure or doubtful.

4. Find a quote that inspires/motivates you. I like to look up quotes that inspire me to give me some fuel for the week to execute my goals! Take some time to find a meaningful quote to you.

5. Offer a kind act to the world. Whether that's holding the door open for someone, volunteering, doing an extra chore at home or complimenting a stranger. The feeling of giving and appreciation increases your mood, sense of purpose, and it's contagious!

6. Relax and take a walk outside! I live on the beach so I'm constantly outdoors and it helps ground me. Getting fresh air is scientifically proven to override anxiety because you're less focused on what your body is doing.

7. Treat ya self! I am HUGE on sweets, so whatever gets you goin, splurge for the night. Don't go crazy overboard but your mind and soul will thank you for the little treat.